I grew up in the small town of Painted Post, New York, a suburb of Corning, and actually our house was in Riverside between the two. We didn’t have a swimming pool but went to the local park pool and every summer my parents took us to Wellsboro beach in Pennsylvania. When I started to write Breadline Blue, I wanted to place him in the Appalachian region but not too far south because I wanted to be somewhat familiar with the territory. I chose the Wellsboro area as his birthplace and childhood home to fit my needs and also for personal nostalgia.

Now, I’m no spring chicken but I can walk four miles inside the local mall in under an hour, so I figured Blue could do that too. His home is a small farm about four miles outside town. His family owns a truck, of course, but as with my during the Depression, he and is father put it up on blocks and the family walks to church, and into town when they need anything. They grow most of what they need on their farm. They have a cow and a few chickens, trading eggs and chores for what they can’t buy.

I’ll be telling you more of their back-story and more about the book (no spoilers) in the days and weeks ahead. For now, I wanted to break my exciting news. Blue is going home! That’s right. From My Shelf Bookstore in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is hosting us for a book event. And we’re really excited! It will be Friday, September 4 at 6pm. Our theme is all about Hobos and people are invited to dress down to the part.

FYI: The slang for the Hobo was “Bo.” A Hobo is someone who travels from place to place, not staying anywhere for long. He is homeless or has a wanderlust. A tramp is considered less than a hobo, unscrupulous, a cheat and often a criminal. Never call a bo a tramp unless you want a fight.


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