Mistakes happen. But when you are writing historical works, readers expect you to have done your homework. They trust you and they trust your facts. Nevertheless, authors are not mystical oracles--all knowing and all seeing. A responsible author will do everything in her power to make sure readers get the correct information, but mistakes do happen. It is so heartwarming when readers bring these to the author's attention without bad-mouthing the writer. Alas, for all my hard work and diligence, I too sometimes get it wrong. A reader recently contacted me to inform me of some facts gone awry in Native American and Pioneer Sites of Upstate New York. Two of the cited facts are still being checked by me, so I won't put them here, but one mistake was so glaring and so important to me that you know the correct information, I do want to share it. Chief Skenandoa was a great Iroquois leader and should be known by everyone for his work. But I said he is buried in Hamilton. You won't find him there because I was wrong. He is buried at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. An easy mistake as you can see, but a biggie. I apologize and hope you can now find him where he rests in the grave beside his good friend Kirkland.


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